Journal of China Tourism Research – Special issue on “Emerging Issues in the Chinese Outbound Tourist Market”

Call for Papers

Journal of China Tourism Research

Special issue on “Emerging Issues in the Chinese Outbound Tourist Market”

Guest Editors

Claire Liu, PhD

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Mingming Cheng, PhD

Curtin University, Australia

Journal of China Tourism Research (JCTR) publishes the latest research on tourism that relates to China and its citizens and encourages interdisciplinary scholarship and commentaries. It provides a rich forum for exchange of fresh information and ideas among academics and practitioners; fosters and enhances cutting-edge research activities that advance tourism knowledge; and discusses the relevance of tourism to the Chinese society. JCTR is the affiliated journal of International Association for China Tourism Studies (IACTS).

The rapid development of Chinese outbound tourism has drawn increasing attention and interest from both academia and the industry in the last decade. Recent years have seen the rapid changes in the Chinese outbound tourism market as a result of China’s technological advancement and economic growth as well as Chinese government’s global development strategies. For example, the launches of Year of Tourism initiative in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have provided opportunities and challenges for the tourism industry in these destinations. While there have been a number of special issues on Chinese outbound published in the last decade (e.g. Li, 2016; Tse & Arlt, 2011), such rapid changes require new research evidence to advance both scholar and tourism practitioners’ understanding and knowledge of Chinese outbound tourism.

The special issue of Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing (Keating, Huang, Kriz, & Heung, 2015) has shown that research into Chinese outbound tourism thus far has focused on general market analysis and the driving factors of Chinese outbound tourism; the link between cultural values and travel motivations; and the reversed host-guest relationship in international tourism flows. This calls for another special issue for JCTR to continue identifying emerging issues in the Chinese outbound tourism market. 

Some key themes:

This special issue invites submissions in the following themes based on empirical and/or theoretical research. Suggested topics include but not limited to:

  • Impacts of China’s Year of Tourism Scheme
  • Sharing economy and Chinese outbound tourists
  • Technology induced behavior, such as, auto itinerary planning apps
  • One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative and Chinese outbound market trends
  • Risk and safety of Chinese outbound tourists, such as sole traveler; road safety issues
  • Inter-generational differences of Chinese outbound tourists
  • The sustainability of Chinese outbound tourism market
  • The dynamics of small group Free Individual Traveller market
  • The flow-on impacts of Chinese overseas student market

Submission deadline:

• One-page abstract due: 15 November 2019

To clearly address the focus, the abstract should outline the context of study, perspectives/approaches adopted, main findings where appropriate, and potential contributions. Please also include paper title, authorship, author affiliation(s) and contact information (including the email addresses of all authors) and keywords (maximum six) in the submission. Authors will be notified of the outcome no later than 15 December 2019. 

• Full paper due: 30 April 2020

All papers are to be peer reviewed before possible inclusion in the special issue.

• Projected publication date: Dec. 2020

Submission Guidelines:

Papers submitted must not have been published, accepted for publication, or be under review for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal’s “Instructions for Authors”

Abstracts should be submitted as an email attachment to both guest editors via the addresses below:

Dr Claire Liu, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand


Dr Mingming Cheng, School of Marketing, Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Australia


Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the guest editors and those that align with the themes of the special issue will be invited for full paper submission. Full papers should be submitted to the journal’s online platform ( Please indicate in the cover letter that this paper is submitted for publication consideration in this special issue.


Huang, S., Keating, B. W., Kriz, A. & Heung, W. (2015). Chinese outbound tourism: An epilogue. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 32(1-2), 153-159.

Li, X. (2016). Emerging-market research: New bottles and new wine? Journal of Travel Research, 55(4), 419-426.

Tse, T., & Arlt, W. (2011). Guest Editors’ Note -Mainland China’s Outbound Tourism. Journal of China Tourism Research. 7 (3), 343-344.

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