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Chinese Generation Y 


Understanding the distinctiveness of Chinese Post-80s tourists


Welcoming Chinese tourists: Advice for New Zealand Tourism Industry

Chinese Post-80s and adventure tourism: Importance of Safety Indicators

Should I provide Chinese language services in my tour?

Chinese Outbound Tourism (Publications 1, 2)

Given the size of China’s outbound market, it is important to note that current studies on Chinese outbound tourists are particularly positive about its rapid and largely uninterrupted growth and failed to recognize the complicated socio-cultural and political realities of tourist flows.This project challenges the normative economic excitement of the uninterrupted growing nature of outbound Chinese tourists and offers a different perspective on Chinese outbound tourists. Particularly, it highlights the political dimension of China’s outbound tourism from a grassroots level and uncovers Chinese popular nationalism as a political travel constraint for Chinese tourists that enriches the existing studies on constraints of Chinese outbound travel.

Sharing Economy (Publications 1, 2)

Airbnb data from InsideAirbnb

Xiaozhu – Chinese Airbnb version

Airbnb listings in Queenstown, New Zealand (Data sources: Tom Slee)