Mingming Cheng

My name is Mingming and I am an Associate Professor in Digital Marketing in the School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University, Australia

P2P accommodation research projects

The rapid growth of peer-to-peer accommodation (e.g. Xiaozhu.com and Airbnb), with its distinct operation model, not only offers an alternative accommodation experience to its users but also challenges the theories and practices developed from the conventional accommodation industry. With a group of scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including marketing, sociology, environmental engineering and computer science, there are a number of ongoing research projects that examine various aspects of peer-to-peer accommodation across various geographical locations from its user experience and satisfaction to carbon footprints and ideological struggles. We welcome the input of anyone who has genuine interest in the P2P phenomenon.  Details of each project are listed below. Please feel free to contact me: mingming.cheng@curtin.edu.au

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